The analogy between boxing and your strategic alliance work

Boxing requires a lot of planning, strategy and thought […..] Preparation for a boxing match is of paramount importance because you must train for the specific fighting style and strengths of your opponent. Sparring plays an important role in every fight preparation.

Sparring in boxing refers to practicing in the ring, with a real opponent, throwing real punches. Your sparring partner is either another boxer from your own club, or someone picked by your trainer who he feels will help advance your training the most. Paying attention to safety is important in sparring because you are never out to injure your partner, but the sparring is supposed to be like a dress rehearsal for the real thing, so you must be willing to take a punch or two.”

This quote comes from an article at the livestrong website and it provides a nice analogy when it comes to business. Also in business we need to prepare for our encounters with our partners. These encounters may be from a friendlier nature than they are in boxing, but still: a good preparation is half the work.

Do you need a sparring partner?
Even the most experienced alliance professional needs a sparring partner from time to time, to reflect and bounce off ideas. A sparring partner will do that “boxing training” and challenge you, question what you are doing and trying to let you see the other side of the equation. The business sparring partner can be a colleague or an outsider “picked to help you advance your training the most“, like with boxing. That outsider will help to remove the blind sighted vision that may have been developed over time, without you even realizing it.

Sparring for alliance professionals
Sparring is a form of coaching where the coach will work with you to evaluate business cases, value propositions or situations with your partner, where you might feel stuck and need a way to resolve it. Do you need a second view on your alliance projects, do you need to be challenged on your progress with your partner, or do you feel stuck when the conversations with the partner do not progress as you would like? It can all be reviewed from many angles, often opening new possibilities for your work and allowing you to be more productive and successful as an alliance professional. With extensive experiences in alliances and working with many clients in alliance management, I can be your sparring partner coach that will challenge you and help you move forward.

Interested to learn how working with me as a sparring partner coach can help you leap forward with your alliances? Contact me!