The current Corona / Covid-19 pandemic has a huge impact on all that we do. Therefore, our alliance & partnerships work is also different. In some cases opportunities emerge and new alliances are formed. In our recent Alliance Fireside chats, Anoop Nathwani and I highlighted a few of those emerging alliances. In other situations alliances will suffer and possibly even cease to exist due to the pandemic. 

The social distancing rules along with the “stay home” guidelines, imply that working from home is the new normal for many of us. We now meet more online than ever before. Zoom’s usage figures illustrate it well: in December it averaged at 10 million daily users. In April the average has grown to 300 million daily users. A tremendous growth and example of how our working habits have changed. I also noticed that where many people left the camera off in the past, now almost everyone turns the camera on. It seems to be a natural human habit to try to bridge the social distances with new tools.

But what does that all really mean for working in Alliances and Partnerships? 

  • How does the Covid-19 pandemic impact our Alliances & Partnerships? 
  • What’s the effect of working from home on our collaborations? 
  • How does it influence our alliance relationships?

That’s what I would like to find out and I could use your help with that. Please participate in the Alliance & Partnerships Covid-19 / Home working survey. The survey will be open for 14 days and it will take you about 5 minutes to answer the questions. The aggregated results of the survey will be shared in one of my upcoming mailings. 

Will you participate? 

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