Alliances & Partnerships

Simoons & Company is an alliance based network organization. In many projects and for specialized tasks we work with a number of alliance partners:

Consortio Consulting Ltd

Consortio Consulting is a consultancy led by Anoop Nathwani, a Senior Alliances and Partnerships professional with over 20 years of professional experience in this area. Consortio Consulting helps build businesses based on collaborative relationships. As part of the alliance with Consortio Consulting the open Alliance Masterclass is delivered across the world.

askme Partners

askme Partners is a boutique consultancy led by Karim Elmorsi, that helps its clients realize value from their acquisitions. askme Partners offers pre and post merger integration services to help you achieve and exceed your value creation goals during Post Merger Integration.


allianceboard is a purpose-built, easy-to-use alliance management platform for alliance professionals. allianceboard has been developed to give alliance managers a ground-breaking tool that’s simple, fit for purpose and scalable – to stay on top of it all, show organizational impact and collaborate with partners for innovation and growth.