What do you do to make your strategic alliances a leapfrogging success?

alliance success

At the start of this new week, I have some food for thought for you, inspired by some conversations I had last week. As you know, I am a business coach with a specialization in strategic alliances. When introducing myself to new people, I often have to explain what that is exactly. Many people don’t know what strategic alliances are, let alone what a business coach does in this area. My … [Read more...]

CBP-54: The ideal alliance partner profile

CBP54 - The ideal alliance partner profile

In last weeks episode we looked at a the Alliance Value Proposition, an important element when working together in strategic alliances. This week let’s have a look at another important element: finding the right alliance partner. Often proper partner selection is an overlooked element. People start a partnership purely based on the fact that they like each other or on the fact that the partner … [Read more...]

46 business and alliance book recommendations

A more beautiful question

With episode 54 to be published later this week, the Collaborative Business Podcast is starting to become a very rich resource for learning more about practical ways of working in business collaborations. Over the existence of this podcast I have interviewed over 40 alliance professionals and entrepreneurs about their experiences in working together in business collaborations like alliances and … [Read more...]

CBP-53: The Alliance Value Proposition

the alliance value proposition

In the previous episodes of The Collaborative Business Podcast I have been in conversation with many guests. Most often these conversations were about their experiences in strategic alliances and the lessons they have learned along the way. In Today’s episode we will go back to the beginning and have a look at one of the basic elements that needs to be in place when creating alliances: The Value … [Read more...]

The double edged sword of being in alliance management

A lone position

It has been said before: collaboration with outside parties is now more important than ever before. More and more people are starting to understand this and more often alliances are created to grow businesses. However, there still is a high failure rate connected to alliances. Many companies understand that they need to collaborate, but they fail to make their partnerships successful. The … [Read more...]