CBP-45: Actionable Collaboration, with Chris Taylor

Actionable Collaboration with Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor describes himself as a digital nomad entrepreneur. Chris lives in Panama, Spain and Canada, while running his business Actionable Books with a team of people who are also globally dispersed. This can only work with a high degree of collaboration, hence I invited Chris to be my guest in the podcast to explore where and what type of business collaboration enables Chris to do what he … [Read more...]

Let’s get personal!

My father

In my life I have had many coaches and mentors. Some I officially hired to be my coach, others simply took me under their wings by assuming the role and acted accordingly. They taught me how to sell and how to navigate political customer environments, they guided me in my personal development and personal productivity and in dealing with large corporate customers and they showed me the beauty … [Read more...]

The Partnership Canvas: a new tool for developing partnership business models

Partnership Canvas

Last week’s guest in the Collaborative Business Podcast was Bart Doorneweert. Our conversation was focussed on the Partnership Canvas, a new tool that Bart developed for designing, negotiating, and adapting partnerships. Inspired by the Business Model Canvas and driven by the desire to make the process of designing partnerships easier and more tangible, Bart developed the Partnership … [Read more...]

CBP-44: The Partnership Canvas, with Bart Doorneweert

Bart Doorneweert

We all know that creating alliances and partnerships is not easy. To establish them successfully we need to create a solid foundation, we need to do a partner selection and we need to have extensive conversations about how we are going to shape our partnership. This design phase of the partnership is often taken too lightly. Bart Doorneweert is a social entrepreneur turned researcher who … [Read more...]

Alliance success: Your choice!


Would you create an alliance knowing that you only have a 20% chance of success? A 2012 study by the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals shows that the average success rate of alliances is around 53%. The study also shows that there is a group of companies that only reaches 20% alliance success, while there is also a group of companies that reaches 80-100% success!   What is it … [Read more...]