Why Alliance is a better and safer term than Partnership


Last week I held my first webinar ever and it was a complete new experience! When conducting live presentations you can look your audience in the eye and directly see their response. On the other hand, when recording a conversation for the Collaborative Business Podcast, I have full interaction with the guest, but no direct interaction with the audience. (Speaking of which: do check out the … [Read more...]

CBP-42 – A collaborative leader – with Alex Cameron

CBP42 A Collaborative leader - with Alex Cameron

Together with his partner, Alex Cameron runs Socia, a company in the UK that helps collaborative leaders succeed in complex and challenging business environments. Alex’ partner is David Archer, who was my guest in episode 31 of the Collaborative Business Podcast. In this conversation with Alex we explore what it means for a leader to be a collaborative leader. You will hear Alex make a very … [Read more...]

How outside forces can kill your alliance

Lego - Shell

Have you already registered for the webinar that will take place this Wednesday 15 october at 20:00h CET (2pm EDT)? There are still some places available, so if you haven’t; click here to register. In this free one hour webinar you will learn how you can apply a pragmatic, yet structured, 3 step alliance success approach for creating successful partnerships and alliances. Successful … [Read more...]

The pragmatic 3 step alliance success approach

Directions to success

What is it that makes some companies so highly successful in all the partnerships and alliances they create, while others never flourish this way? On the outside they may seem simply lucky: they seem to have something that the others do not have. The reality is that the successful companies, large and small, just do things differently; they follow a structured approach and stick to it … [Read more...]

CBP-41: The Being Leader – with Sujith Ravindran

CBP-41 The Being Leader - with Sujith Ravindran

Sujith Ravindran recently published his new book “The BEING Leader: Tracing the 'Inner Path' of Legendary Leaders”. Sujith studied the qualities that made leaders legendary and in this book he describes the inner path of four legendary leaders: Dr. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, M. K. Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln. In my conversation with Sujith we discuss his book, the elements of a Being … [Read more...]