CBP-32: Human to Human relationships with Manoj KumarAre partnerships in Asia different from partnerships in the USA and Europe? Thats what we are going to find out in this episode of the Collaborative Business Podcast with Manoj Kumar.

Manoj has build his career in companies in India and in doing business with partners both in India and in other parts of the world. Partnerships are very beneficial in several ways and Manoj highlights them from the perspective of many personal experiences.

A few essential elements continue to come back in the conversation with Manoj: Partnerships are for the long term; Partnerships need to bring mutual benefit; Partnerships can shorten the time to reach a goal.

Manoj puts partnerships in an interesting perspective whereby his focus is on the human to human relationships rather than the business to business context. Partnerships are about relationships and are the core of human life and therefore should be the core of every business.

Are partnerships in Asia different from partnerships in the USA and Europe? After this conversation I am inclined to say that there might be a difference. However, perhaps its a bit too fast for a conclusion, maybe I need more guests from Asia before we can come to a conclusion at all. I am looking forward to your view in the comments below!

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