Summer vacation and “summer make-up sale”

The summer vacation period is nearing its end. Schools in the Netherlands are getting ready to start with the new school year and I noticed on Facebook that for some of my friends around the globe school already started again. If you spend time enjoying vacation the past weeks I hope you had a great time too. You may have missed some business opportunities, but sometimes there is a day to make up for it. Be sure to read this newsletter to the end to benefit from the upcoming one-day summer make-up sale.Last Saturday I returned myself from two weeks with the family in our favorite vacation spot in the Allier in France. We spend our time enjoying the good life, great times with friends, good food and wine, lots of relaxing and time to re-energize.

What I did not do is read as much business related stuff as I planned to do. My summer reading list is still there and will probably merge into the fall reading list. I did do a lot of sport this vacation, while working on new ideas. Having been a runner for 25+ years I switched a couple of months ago to become a cycler. That gave an interesting perspective to the Allier area. Suddenly I am exploring the country with a wider radius and I really have to work the ride. Climbing hills with height differences of 400 meters and more is quite different from running them. During the ascent it is working and working hard and while physically working there is plenty of time to ponder on new ideas. However, during the descent it is a matter of full concentration. While I plunge downhill I can only oversee as far as the next turn in the road. I don’t know what’s behind it, how fast I can go and how sharp the turn will be. No time to think about anything else than the descent, sometimes over distances of 8 km, which become 8 kilometers of full concentration.

Being a thinker who never stops to ponder on new ideas I did of course come up with new ideas for the business during vacation that will most likely materialize in the second half of this year. A little late I finally started to explore Google+ to see what it can do for me and for the business through a Google+ page. I also looked into ways to re-energize an old hobby: for a long time I had the desire to pick up photography, which has been a hobby since I was 11 years old, and do something more with it than just being a hobby. So I also combined the exploration of Google+ with re-energizing my photography and I am currently publishing my photography on my Google+ profile.

The vacation period made me also realize that among the readers of this newsletter will be people who have missed the launch of the Alliance Mastery self-study or missed the early bird discount for the Alliance Mastery workshop in August. That realization made me decide to offer you one more chance to make up for the missed summer offers: this Friday, the 24th of August, both the Alliance Mastery workshop and the Alliance Mastery self-study will be on a one day “summer make-up sale”. And both of them will have 22% off.  Why 22% you may ask? Well, simply because Today it is my oldest daughter’s 22nd birthday.

So in case you are interested, but have missed the summer offers: read here more about the Alliance Mastery self-study and here about the upcoming workshop. But make sure to wait with your booking till Friday when it is a one-day 22% off for the summer make-up sale!

Have a great week!

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