While driving to a client meeting the other day, I listened to a series of interviews on the radio on how the automotive industry is moving to an electric vehicle industry. This is a major change to an established industry. 

One of the interviews was specifically about the enormous amount of data modern cars collect and how people, and countries, are dealing with it. This interview once again highlighted cultural differences: data collection in China is viewed as a means to make cars and traffic safer, while in some Western European countries people see data collection as a severe violation of their privacy. 

The data interview also highlighted that data is something relatively new to the automotive industry. “So, how do you handle that?” the interviewer asked. Upon which the interviewee answered that the only way nowadays to survive as a car manufacturer is to collaborate and team up in partnerships with other specialists. You’ll understand that this was music to my ears. 

It also made me wonder if we need to update the 3 main reasons to partner. Even though working with a data specialist would perfectly fit into the “knowledge transfer” column, it might deserve a separate entry in the chart. Data has a big impact on and is transforming every industry. If not now, then it will soon. It is a specialty that every company will need, but would you want to build that skill yourself? No, as the interviewee mentioned, the only way forward is through partnering

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