In this 6th fireside chat conversation Anoop Nathwani and Peter Simoons talk about alliances and partnerships we see develop to jointly, in partnership, deal with the corona pandemic. As examples we highlight an alliance brought together by the UK Government, as well as an example of Luscii, a startup in the Netherlands working together with a growing number of Dutch and international hospitals.

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Alliances to combat Corona – Video transcript:


Peter: Well, hello Anoop, here we are again, our next Fireside chat.

Anoop: Looking forward to it as well.

Peter: What are we going to talk about today?

Anoop: oh, we’re gonna talk about how different companies we’re going to talk about Coronavirus, aren’t we again?

Peter: Well, it’s a theme of today, unfortunately, isn’t it?

Anoop: Absolutely. Peter.

Peter: Yeah. So what do we see when it comes to alliances or maybe ad hoc partnerships with regards to Corona? What do you see in the UK?

Anoop: So I’ve seen something really interesting. Peter, there was an announcement made by the UK Government and they talked about forming a new alliance, which is brought together academia, universities, businesses, and research institutions to boost testing capability, testing capacity for frontline workers, because that’s where the challenges are on Coronavirus is around Testing, testing testing, right. So that’s a brand new alliance that was pulled together and the government has actually launched it. So it’s Interesting that it’s not just in corporations, but you’ve got academia and research institutions involved. What about yourself? Peter? What are you seeing in the Netherlands?

Peter: Well, I see an interesting one where I see institutions and a small startup are joining together. So it’s a classic David and Goliath example, a small startup that if I pronounce the name of this startup correctly, it’s called Luscii. And Luscii is an app where you can follow your patients and at home and communicate with them remotely. And what they did, they worked together with one hospital in Amsterdam. And so they quickly pivoted to this model from a general app into a Corona specific app. So now, people at home can go to the app or use the app and ask questions when they have symptoms or feel symptoms and to do a pre screening before they actually go to a physician. So he started originally with one Hospital in Amsterdam. Now I believe what I see in this latest post at least nine other hospitals in the Netherlands he’s working together with I think that’s an excellent, excellent example. And maybe he did not do the partner selection, as we spoke about last time in our fireside chat, but it wants to fast track of a partner selection, clearly looking, I have a solution that can help fight this pandemic, who can help me run this, explore this solution on a larger scale, and help the patients or the potential patients out there to create clarity about your situation. Perfect example.

Anoop: And I think that’s that is a perfect example. I think the interesting thing there that you mentioned, is providing value to the patients. Yeah, this is not a revenue generating exercise. This is an exercise to provide this new value, which is we constantly keep on saying don’t we, that it’s the alliances and partnerships are about creating new value, value you can’t create on your own

Peter: Maybe it will create revenue for him in the future. But that clearly is not the current driver, the current driver and his rightful driver is creating value in a critical situation.

Anoop: Correct revenues, revenues at the end right revenue will come from it. Yes. Correct. Correct. Good to Great, great examples. I think, Peter, we’ve got, we’ve got a whole ton of other examples that are happening. And it’s interesting how that Coronavirus is actually creating the demand for, for organizations, academia, institutions to actually pivot their business to transform, to really, really think about survival, and how do they go about creating this new value? And we’ve got many more examples of these and we can talk about this in future fireside chats anyway,

Peter: We will absolutely, but one thing I wanted to add to this fireside chat, because I completely agree with you that there are people and companies that need to pivot at the moment. And there is a large amount of opportunities out there. But as long as people are sticking at the operational crisis level, it’s very difficult to see the opportunities. So what they need to do is to take a step back and try to look at it from a bird’s eye view, a helicopter view and see what’s happening with our clients. What’s happening with our patients, if you’re in healthcare, yes, and we help them together with our partners, with probably different solutions. And how can we create synergy by creating one plus one equals three?

Anoop: Agreed, it’s a strategic view is net Peter that people get to take right, agreed with you.

Peter: Excellent. Thank you very much Anoop.

Anoop: Thank you, Peter