Happy New Year!

We just entered a new decade: Goodbye ‘10s, hello ‘20s!

In the past few weeks I have seen a few articles with reference to the roaring twenties of the previous century. It made me wonder: what exactly is the meaning of “roaring”? Merriam-Webster provides a few meanings and it depends on the context. The one I like the most in the context of a new year, is “great in intensity or degree”. Within that context I wish you a roaring successful 2020!

To make it a successful year, you need focus and a plan. Sometimes you can continue on the route you are already on and only adjust the plan, and sometimes it is time for a new plan. My plan for the next decade will continue on the foundation that I have created over the past 10 years. However, I will adjust it for growth with the aim to help more leaders to create stellar results with their alliances and partnerships. Thus helping to lower the overall alliance failure rate

In my plan are, amongst others:

How about you, what is in your plan for the ‘20s?