When we talk about stakeholders, there is often the notion that they are people who are somewhat involved in what you do and that you need to keep them happy, or at least informed. Although keeping your stakeholders informed is an important element, there is actually more to it than just that. Did you know that your stakeholders can be fabulous helpers for you to improve your own performance?

In the Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology, as the name already suggests, your stakeholders have a pivotal role in your coaching. With your coach you will jointly define which of your stakeholders to involve. Then, your coach will interview these stakeholders in the early stages of the coaching. At this moment in the process their input will help to paint the picture of you and your areas of improvement.

During the coaching, the stakeholder involvement continues. Your stakeholders will provide you with feedback that will help you to adjust your performance, your behavior or your leadership style. They will be part of your improvement journey and experience first hand how you are working on becoming a better version of you.

Whether you do it through working with a coach (what I highly recommend) or not, consider involving your stakeholders for your improvement. Ask them for suggestions on what you can do to improve and ensure that you make it a continuous process. Their continued involvement will provide you with invaluable information and simultaneously, as an added bonus, it will help your stakeholders to change their perception of you!