It must have been twenty years ago that I signed up for my first course on strategic alliances. 

During the years leading up to that point, I had always worked collaboratively with clients and suppliers. The relationship with them was key for me, together we created unique value propositions. 

With a focus on the long-term, a relationship whereby both parties benefited was essential for me. I knew that working together, we could accomplish great things and I would never jeopardise a relationship for short-term gain. 

Sometimes though, this led to tensions with my management, as they were usually looking for current quarter results, so my approach wasn’t always appreciated by them.

I had heard of the concept of strategic alliances before, but never really understood it. Yet there was plenty of information in the course description, so my manager and I agreed that by me attending the course, it would be beneficial. 

During one part of the course, I was sitting with a few colleagues in a training session about strategic alliances and a lightbulb switched on for me, “Hey, there’s a name for what I do!” At that point, I realised that I had been working in collaborative alliance mode all of my working life. Alliances were obviously my thing!  They still are of course!

There’s not only a name for what I do, I also found my calling!

A lot has changed over those 20 years. I’ve developed a corporate client from virtually nothing into a multi-million alliance partner and l’ve led several strategic alliances between large corporations. During the past 12 years, as an independent alliance specialist I’ve guided hundreds of organisations in the creation of successful alliances and educated over a thousand people in the art and science of strategic alliances. 

Together with my alliance partner, Anoop Nathwani, (yes, I’ve created my own alliances too) I will be organising the next Alliance Masterclass, to be held in October. Registration for this class opens today. 

Like me, Anoop is also an experienced alliance professional. Unlike many textbook consultants, we both have been active in the profession of managing alliances; we’ve made our mistakes and celebrated our successes, we’ve earned our stripes and our scars! 

We teach not only the theory, but speak from experience in our lessons. If needed, we share our war stories in class too. Our goal is not to overload you with a lot of theory or help you pass an exam, no, our goal is to (based on proven theory and our experience) enrich you with practical, applicable knowledge. Our goal is to make you a better alliance professional!

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“I found the combination of ‘homework’, case studies, and class presentations to be very effective. It is one of the best-run online learning experiences I have attended”
Head of Alliance Management – Biotechnology Research Organisation