Introducing the first guest writer

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that the Simoons & Company weblog would soon be enriched with guest writers. Now I am happy to be able to introduce the first guest writer to you. On Wednesday an article will be published about Microsoft’s new and the implications this offering may have for Microsoft’s existing channel and alliance partners. Gianluca Marcellino is the first guest blogger and has written this article. Gianluca has built an extensive experience in ICT alliances and appeared in the initial interview series in “The Alliance Conversation” and writes about ICT alliances on his own blog.
Gianluca Marcellino has managed ICT alliance for Accenture since 1997, full time since September 2002, in Italy and other EMEA countries. Gianluca drives virtual teams that combine global best practices and resources with local business insight and presence. His focus is on identifying new ways for alliance partners to bring value to each other and their joint clients, then facilitating collaboration during value delivery.

Gianluca describes himself as a baby boomer, with ethics from the generation before, learning to live among digital natives, thriving while bridging cultures. All opinions Gianluca expresses online are his personal opinions.

Keep an eye on the website and the new article that will appear by Wednesday “Microsoft what’s in a name for channel and alliance partners?

October workshop early bird ending
Now summer is slowly creeping towards its second half and Europe seems to be coming back from vacation it may be good to think for a moment about your personal development plans for the second half of the year. If you are planning to prepare for professional certification in alliance management do know that you have 5 days left to benefit from the early bird discount for the October workshop that will help you prepare for the CA-AM professional certification exam. See this link for more details and booking and do know that only 8 spots are left open for this Alliance Mastery CA-AM preparation workshop in the Netherlands.

Self-study September coaching
The self-study coaching cycle for September will start on the 3rd of September with the first coaching call. So if you want to prepare for CA-AM certification but not interested or unable to attend the October workshop, then consider the self-study; subscribe now and prepare for your first coaching call on September 3.

SME Alliances
Last week I wrote in the article Solo entrepreneurs and Small & Medium Businesses: how do you create strategic alliances? about my new project in which I will research how small and medium sized businesses establish alliances. I have seen some great feedback coming in already and if yours is not yet among them or you know people who should respond then please fill in the form or share this article with them.

Have a great week!