PWC, Accenture, IBM and some other consultants regularly perform CEO studies. In these studies we see a rising desire of the C-Suite to grow through partnerships and alliances. The reports don’t agree on the exact numbers: it must be a matter of the questions. However, in all cases, more than 50% of the surveyed executives declare that they will grow the company by establishing new partnerships and alliances.

That’s good news, isn’t it?

Well, research has also been done on the success rate of partnerships and alliances. Sadly these numbers are low, unless you look at the failure rate, then you will get high numbers.

So that is not so good… How come?

There are many reasons, but if I have to summarize, I would say it is a matter of underestimation of what needs to be done to ensure positive alliance results. Like strategy, like procurement, and like M&A, you just don’t “do alliances.” Your company needs to invest dedication, time and money in resources and in learning about alliances. Then you will get the alliance results you are looking for: it is an investment that can generate a multitude of results in return through successful alliances.

Where to start?
Learn about partnerships and alliances: read about it, or join one of the Open Enrollment Alliance Masterclasses Anoop Nathwani and I are organizing in the UK and in the Netherlands. These classes will teach you the “how to” of partnerships and alliances and will give you a jumpstart to almost guaranteed alliance results.