Alliance portfolio management seminar

For many outsiders creating alliances may seem easy. You know better, creating alliances and maintaining them is hard work. And it requires continues work; when you are working with alliances you need to constantly pay attention. Attention for your partner and attention in your own organization. In fact you need to do two sided key account management, both to your partner and to your own organization. There will even be an added dimension when moving beyond a single alliance into alliance portfolio management.

That is the topic the research group of prof. dr. Ard-Pieter de Man investigated at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. The University will organize a seminar on the 21st of june 2012 from 16:00 – 18:00 about alliance portfolio management and during this seminar the findings of the research will be presented. I am planning to attend and felt it might be of interest to you too if you are in the neighborhood.

Some of the highlights of the seminar include:

  • A presentation by Frank van Balen, responsible for alliance management in IBM Benelux;
  • A presentation on the research among 188 companied that shows where organizations can improve the management of their alliance portfolio;
  • An interactive discussion about new portfolio management approaches;
  • Tools to improve alliance portfolio management;
  • An opportunity to network to informally exchange experiences.

When interested to attend the seminar, or have questions about it, you can register by sending an email to Leroy Refos:

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