It is July already and we are fully into summer and enjoying great weather, every now and then interrupted by a thunderstorm. Such rainfall is good to shake up the atmosphere and wipe out the dust. Often it also provides us with new views on the things we see around us. During the rain the world looks a little different, a rainbow may light up the horizon and after the rain, the world returns to its refreshed state.

I hope you are well on your way to accomplishing your goals for this year. Like nature, our working life needs a refreshment every now and then too. We need to shake up our work atmosphere, let the dust settle down again and create new views to accelerate our progress. The summertime is generally an excellent time to start doing so. 

One of the work refreshments I will be working on this summer together with Anoop Nathwani is on redesigning our Alliance Masterclass content. We will update and adjust it in such a way that we even have more time during class for in-depth discussions about the challenges you bring to each Masterclass. We will add fresh content and, for now, will continue to deliver the class through an online format. The September Masterclass will be the first open enrollment class, with the refreshed content. For the in-company Alliance Masterclass the refreshed content will become available in consultation with you.    

What stays in the Alliance Masterclass is that as a participant you will have year long access to the Alliance Accelerator platform. There, you will find alliance tools, quarterly come back calls, and fireside chats with many alliance & partnership experts. For example, this month we have fireside chats scheduled with Gavriella Schuster from Microsoft and Jay McBain from Forrester. 

What will be your in-work refreshments this summer?