Why Alliance Training?

Not sure how to accelerate partnerships to create rapid growth and synergy?

Missing a common alliance framework?

Need to restore trust in relationships?

Looking to accelerate out of the crisis and grow your business with strategic alliances?

Join the world’s only hands-on online Alliance training for Partnering Professionals and teams.

Get structured, tried-and-tested methods.

Create and manage successful alliances and partnerships.

After attending this Online Alliance & Partnerships Masterclass you will know how to create and manage successful Alliances & Partnerships for your company.

This practical class has its focus on improving your alliance & partnerships skills and you will reap the benefits of attending the class already the next day back in your work.

This Masterclass will change the way you work with alliances & partnerships, forever.

Our masterclass is based on the skills and competencies that the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) has found critical to the success of collaborative business relationships.

This masterclass guides you through the entire alliance lifecycle, covering elements such as..

  • Alliance-specific strategy
  • Analyzing and selecting partners
  • Building trust and creating value
  • Operational planning
  • Alliance structuring and execution
  • Launch and management
  • Transform, innovate, exit

We take an adaptive approach to learning in our masterclass sessions.

This allows us to dive deeper into the topics that are relevant to the circumstances that you and your fellow participants are facing. Based on the unique composition of people in the online classroom, we discuss not only the tools and practices, but also the ‘soft elements’ of alliances – such as culture and behavior.

The tools you will get

  • Scenarios: Multiple industry examples with typical challenges that help to clarify best practice approaches and tools – through interaction and experiential learning.
  • Worksheets and Templates: Key tools for applying proven methods and structures to any alliance type.
  • eBooks:
    • The 4-step guide to successful partner selection
    • 25 tips for successful partnerships and alliances
    • Successful partnerships and strategic alliances
  • One year access to the Alliance Accelerator community platform.
  • one hour group coaching calls as a follow up to the Alliance Masterclass.

How Alliance Training works

This Alliances & Partnerships Masterclass will take place online, using Zoom video technology that allows us to present and discuss with you like in a live classroom. Scenario group work will be done by using virtual breakout rooms.

This will be a fully packed and intense class and hence we have split the Masterclass over 3 education sessions of 3 hours each.

In between the Masterclass sessions you will have time to apply the learning to your situation. Also you will have our unlimited support via email and in the Masterclass discussion group.

Ryan Duffels about the Alliance Masterclass

The workshop was an eye-opener for me. Not just the structure and work methods but mostly the wealth of experience used to reflect on your own situation and uncover areas for improvement. 

Ryan Duffels, Global Partner Manager at Zebra Technologies Netherlands B.V.

Glen Wilson about the Alliance Masterclass

The Alliance Masterclass was well received by the Partnering professionals at Nintex EMEA. The tools and case studies that we worked through really helped our Partner Managers. A very impactful masterclass!

Glen Wilson, Snr. Director EMEA Regional Sales at Nintex

Michael Kaschke about the Alliance Masterclass

Very useful alliance training – makes alliance managers of every level of experience think about how to do things better and with more systematic reflection.

Michael Kaschke, Alliance Director at Reckitt Benckiser


November 2021

Lesson 1 – 10 November 2021

Lesson 2 – 17 November 2021

Lesson 3 – 24 November 2021


EUR 995


December 2021

Lesson 1 – 1 December 2021

Lesson 2 – 8 December 2021

Lesson 3 – 15 December 2021

Lesson times: 14:00 – 17:00 CET

EUR 995


January 2022

Lesson 1 – 17 Januari 2022

Lesson 2 – 2 February 2022

Lesson 3 – 17 February 2022

Lesson times: 16:00 – 19:00 CET

EUR 1250

Register before 31/12: EUR 995

Alliance Masterclass

Key benefits from this course

60% of CEOs recognize Alliances and Partnerships as a path to strategic growth, yet their typical failure rate is over 50%.

The Alliance & Partnerships Masterclass is a world class opportunity for you to improve your alliance skills and pragmatically apply them to your work.

The Alliance & Partnerships Masterclass will help you to increase your success rate to over 80%!

When you become a masterclass student, you get instant access to all the tools and methods you need to win complete control of your partner relationships. With our help, you can overcome all your major alliance and partnership challenges.

  • Struggling to select the right partners?
  • Not sure how to accelerate partnerships to create rapid growth and synergy?
  • Missing a common alliance framework for everybody to use?
  • Need to restore trust in relationships gone bad?
  • Looking to accelerate out of the crisis and grow your business with strategic alliances?

By simply investing in three half days of your time, you will walk away with a complete toolkit that is ready to implement in your organization immediately.

Become the alliance expert in your business

Alliance skills are rare in the business world. By gaining the expertise this masterclass provides, you can enrich your business with new capabilities and proven methods for success – while also adding a highly valuable skillset to your professional profile.

We have already delivered this alliance training to more than 800 partnering professionals around the world, with the average participant satisfaction rating of 9.1 of 10.

Our masterclass is based on the skills and competencies determined by the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) as critical to the success of collaborative business relationships.

Join the hundreds of business professionals who have already gained tangible benefits from this alliance training!

Peter and Anoop presenting the Alliance Masterclass

Who are we?

We are Peter Simoons and Anoop Nathwani. We are recognized and seasoned Alliances & Partnerships professionals, with decades of experience in building and managing Alliances and Partnerships with impact in the billions.

We understand the challenges you, as an Alliances and Partnerships professional, face as we have walked in your shoes and built and managed Alliances and Partnerships for a long time and at the highest level. Nowadays we utilize our experience in helping you build and manage successful Alliances and Partnerships and allowing you to drive competitive advantage for your business. The Masterclass is just one of the ways we do so.

We practice what we preach: we both have our own company (Simoons & Company and Consortio Consulting) and the Alliance Accelerator community and the Alliance Masterclass are the results of an alliance between our two companies.

Abri Nel about the Alliance Masterclass

This masterclass is the go-to place for anyone who needs to get all the theory, along with great practical advice, on how to start (and improve) your alliance model/strategy. 

Hit the ground running by attending this master class instead of spending ages on desktop researching the subject.

Abri Nel – Executive Officer: Digital, Capricorn Group

Roger Risdal about the Alliance Masterclass

In every profession, in every work. You sometimes need to surface for a breath of air, get inspired and energized. Never stop learning and keep your mind open for new thoughts and ideas. The time I’ve spent with Anoop Nathwani and Peter Simoons was an investment, not just for the company by providing me the right tools, methods and mindset for successfully alliances. It was also an investment in myself, to focus on the “Why” and re-discover the passion of alliances work.

Roger Risdal – Strategic Alliances Manager, Adobe EMEA

Hans Betz about the Alliance Masterclass

The Alliance Masterclass covers the entire alliance lifecycle, providing very useful and practical input for alliance managers at all levels. Beginners benefit a lot, professionals get inspiration and reassurance. The alliance training is interactive, participants profit from the vast experience of Peter and
Anoop. Following the structured approach should make alliances/partnerships highly successful. 

Dr. Johann Betz – VP Business Development & Strategic Alliances, AtoZ-CRO GmbH

Frequently asked questions

What times will the Masterclass be held?
The live online sessions will be held from 14:00 till 17:00 CEDT / Amsterdam time. If you can’t make it to a live session it might be good to know that they will be recorded and are available for replay to the registered attendees.
How does the online Masterclass compare to the in-person class?
Both the online Masterclass and the in-person Masterclass cover the same content. We use technology that enables us to ensure the highest levels of interactivity in the online Masterclass. Nevertheless an online class will be a more intens experience than a classroom class, that’s why we have split the online class into three lessons.
Is the price mentioned for three lessons?
Yes, the investment of EUR 995 is for the full Masterclass of three lessons.
Will the sessions be recorded?
Yes, each education session will be recorded and available for replay to the registered attendees. 
Will you send an invoice?
After registration and payment an invoice will automatically be sent to the email address you provided upon registration.
What payment options do you provide?
You can pay upon registration using PayPal, iDEAL, Credit card, Giropay, KBC/CBC Payment, Bancontact or Apple Pay.
Can I pay later?
This online Masterclass is only open for online registration and payment. Other options are unfortunately not available.
Can I follow a trial lesson?
All lessons will take place live and as such no trial lessons are available. However, you can watch our fireside conversations about Strategic Alliance topics to get a feel of the interaction between Anoop Nathwani and Peter Simoons.
Will I receive a certificate?
After completing the 3 lessons you will receive a certificate of successful participation.
Ian Rothery about the Alliance Masterclass

This alliance training was very thorough, highly interactive and provided an excellent basis for my later success.

Ian Rothery, Managing Director at Fitch Solutions

Tobias Nittel about the Alliance Masterclass

This workshop helps a lot to professionalize the Alliances team and create a common framework for everybody to use.

Tobias Nittel, Director Alliances at SAS Institute