“Peter has a lot of knowlegde about Alliances and brought an experienced outside-in view and knowledge to our Alliance team and in specific the Consumer Lifestyle Alliance projects. When defining Alliances he brings best practises, knowlegde of the Alliance process and is very cooperative and pleasant to work with.”

Wanda StevensSr. Consumer Marketing Manager Beverage Appliances, Philips Consumer Lifestyle

“Peter is a very experienced and effective ”Alliance” consultant across many industry segments with broad knowledge of deriving incremental value between partners and throughout all facets of business (commercial, supply chain, etc). Peter is very personable, responsive, and has been a pleasure to work with”

Graham Mott

“I experienced Peter as an excellent and accessible trainer with expertise in alliance management, extremely helpful to trainees and as a gentle and warm person. His extended network of experts, colleagues and friends makes his interventions absolutely valuable. Full recommendation of employing his services in his field of expertise.”

Hans Ulrich ReitzelNegotiation & Conflict Coach / Transition Management; Reverend, Protestant Church

“Peter is a very genuine, open person who sees the best in people. Now the best part: he doen’t only see the best in people; he actually get’s the best out of the people he works with. Thanks to his experience, he is a networking professional by heart and does not give people the impression he has a one-time-only interest in them (or their feelings): he actually is interested.”

Martijn Demurtas, Global Client Manager, IBM

“I have worked with Peter for over 7 years at IBM in various capacities. I have come to know him as someone who is very easy and pleasant wo work with and to do business with, has excellent abilities to absorb large amounts of information and process that in a very creative manner coming up with often surprising ideas and ways of working. He does not give up easily and has excellent interpersonal capabilities and the keen ability to forge alliances and trust. All in all I highly recommend doing business with Peter – you can count on him.”

Sander Van Dedem, Global Client Director Philips & NXP, IBM

“I know few people, perhaps no one else, who are such selfless, tireless and alert connectors as Peter. Peter has a genuine interest in other people, wants them to succeed and without any direct or immediate benefits to himself. coaches them to success. I have often received mails or telephone calls from Peter in which he offers to introduce me to someone whom he thinks may be helpful for me to know. Since Peter has a very high-quality network, these people are invariably the right people in the right places. Peter then makes sure the other person knows why it is worthwhile for them to spend some time with me. Peter’s quiet demeanor and sense of humor make sure the process itself is a pleasure for all involved, whatever the outcome.”

Mark Janssen , Owner , Bologna Adviesgroep

“During our executive course at INSEAD Peter captivated the whole class with his deep analytical skills and great opening to everybody’s contribution; a true leader behind the scenes, capable of leveraging the team resources adding great value to any partnership project.”

Gianluca Tabarrini , MD Terex España , Terex Corporation

“I met Peter at Ecademy a network-club-meeting. I was impressed by his divers and high-value network. I ‘chatted’ with him at first and noticed his high skills of listening and reacting. All in a very constructive manner. Peter has shown to be a really good connector and making new successful ways possible, just like the case of the ‘Senseo-effect” with ASAP. He uses his experience and capability to understand meaning behind facts, situations and behavior. Mixed with his deep respect for today he makes people think towards tomorrow and helps to build new ways in personal and business opportunities. He is fully committed to the ‘Givers gain” and shows how to reach a goal using new technology, discipline and long-term vision. Peter gave me more than once successful leads to new business. Those people all have deep respect for Peter as a person. It is really pleasant to receive such warm leads and references. Peter enables to give energy and am honored to have him within my close network-contacts. Connect to him and you will share my experience!”

Sibren van der Burgt

“Peter is more than helpful. Upon the creation of my university education concept for advanced internet technology he did not hesitate one second and introduced me to three senior staff professionals while other connections of mine did not even respond. And a person who is this proactive in the sector of networking is similarly active in other branches of their life also. I thus highly recommend Peter not only as a networker, but also as a professional.”

Lars Hilse , L’enfant terrible , Lars Hilse – Web Strategist, Public Speaker, Social Networker, Entrepreneur

“Peter was the client representative of IBM during the Extreme Blue Project and he was always supportive of our ideas and our work with our client. In particular, he helped me to reach out to knowledgeable employees within IBM and to tap into their expertise.”

Tobias Ang , Extreme Blue Intern , IBM

“I worked with Peter over the 2007 calendar year on a sales opportunity with a major medical company. Peter’s executive relationships opened the door for this engagement. One thing I noticed working with Peter is that he is quite professional and has an excellent rapport with his clients. In my experience working with him, he truly understands his clients needs and their business. From a teaming perspective, he is all inclusive and has a positive influence on the team, working to define goals and strategies, believing no detail is too small. Peter would be a huge asset to any sales organization and I would recommend him as a leader and one who is capable of building and maintaining key executive level relationships.”

Joseph Todesca , Sales , IBM

“Peter, as Global IBM Alliance Exec for Philips, has worked closely with me as Head of Strategy & Business Development for 2 business units ($2B in revenue) within the Medical Systems Division. He is very efficient and effective at his work, listening carefully at our requirements, bringing in exactly the right IBM resources, and maintaining a watchful eye on our satisfaction with engagements. While doing this, he has always been most enjoyable and pleasant to work with.”

Marc Tumas

“Between 2001 and 2006 Peter was in the same Position for the Integrated Account Royal Philips as I was for the Integrated Account SIEMENS. I was exited how he used all the latest IT and web 2.0 products and applied them to our customer business needs. He is a very focused and tough business person with incredible deep and good relations on highest levels. It is sheer pleasure and a high honor working with Peter”

Hermann-Josef Maas , Client Executive for Siemens , IBM

“I worked with Peter on Philips Medical. He has a great deal of passion for IBM and strives hard to promote IBM with his clients. I miss working with him, and hope that we can connect again.”

Girish Shah , Client Services Executive , IBM

“Peter is a real professional, experienced, rich network of contacts, extremely responsive. His calm attitude allows him to work in troubled, stressed situations and perform well. Highly recommended, senior prof.”

Fred Kouwenberg , Software Sales Rational , IBM

“Peter & team cooperated closely with our team the last couple of months. Main goal: to form a strategic relationship between both our organizations. Peter acted as a true “spider-in-the-web”, bringing the right people at the right to the table, when such was required. A true global account director, very professional, sensitive to situations and able to react to these in the required ways.”

Michiel ten Kate

“I’ve worked with Peter in conjunction with Philips and Medical Imaging for nearly 2 years. Peter defines the role of Client Executive for an Integrated Account team. The depth and quality of his contacts are outstanding. It is also obvious that his interactions with Philip in behalf of IBM are appreciated by the Philips team as well. On top of that, he’s an exceptionally nice person to work with!”

Scott Cleare , WW Segment Executive – Medical Imaging , IBM – HC&LS

“Being Peter’s successor as manager of the technical team was both easy and difficult. Easy because there was a well oiled team and difficult because Peter had established trusting relationships with all of his staff ensuring them that their interest were always carefully weighed against those of the client.”

Roy Cost