10 years ago I officially closed the door of my corporate life behind me. I started on the unknown journey of being an independent entrepreneur. These 10 years have been full of experiences and lessons, working with great clients and having a lot of fun.

In those 10 years I also diligently produced a weekly column and I often received feedback about it. Some of you shared that every week is quite a lot, and that you can’t read every single one of my messages. I understand and I concur, weekly can be overwhelming. After publishing 638 articles in 10 years, it is sometimes challenging for me to come up with new relevant content.

One of the lessons I learned in the past 10 years, is that it turns out that less is often more. I believe that this might also be true for my weekly column… So I have decided to cut back on it. As of Today, my column will appear once every other week.

That’s less, so what’s more about it? I trust it will give you more time to digest my bi-weekly musings and hopefully it will enable me to increase the quality. To do so, I will also change the content and aim to keep it practical, short and succinct.