Do you remember the book 4-hour Workweek?* It was initially released about ten years ago and written by Tim Ferris. The basic idea behind the book was that with the right way of organizing your business, you could work less and earn more. That right way of organizing included the outsourcing of many tasks and the use of the proper systems and methodologies. A basic recipe for success.


Marshall Goldsmith uses the discipline of working with an assistant that calls him up every evening to check in. This discipline provides him with structure while working on his goals. At the end that will lead to the freedom of success for Marshall.


Jocko Willink describes in Extreme Ownership* how discipline gives him more time and allows his teams to be more flexible, more adaptable and more efficient. It provides them with the freedom to be more creative.

It comes down to the personal discipline of following methodologies and procedures that will provide the freedom one is looking for.


2018. A new year, with new opportunities and perhaps New Year’s resolutions: what kind of freedom can personal discipline bring you this year?