Your focussed journey to personal success

Singapore RiverviewHave you ever been to Singapore and Shanghai? Last Friday I returned from an 8 day visit to both cities and, yes, it was amazing!

First I spent a few days exploring Singapore with my wife and then I went on to Shanghai to facilitate a customer workshop. If you did visit both these cities once, you will recognize it to be a trip full of differences. Singapore is a clean and well organized city and Shanghai is almost the opposite: chaotic and not really that clean.

But wow, what an energy in both of these vibrant, yet completely different, cities that are both so highly successful!

What is success? 

Success is a relative concept. A concept that has a different meaning for each person, and like with Singapore and Shanghai, success might have different manifestations as well.

How to achieve your personal success?

Achieving your personal success is a journey that needs a personal roadmap. At first you will need to set your destination and thus define what success looks like for you. How does success look, feel, sound, smell to you? Is it money, health, work, family, or is it related to other people?

You might experience that your definition of success will change as you mature and as your journey towards success progresses. Your journey will be paved with good intentions and you will meet challenges and unexpected obstacles.

Where do you go to disclose your challenges and how do you overcome the obstacles? Who is your accountability partner that encourages and supports you and guides you around the roadblocks on your journey?

What will happen if you work with a coach who will encourage and support you and who keeps you accountable to your own roadmap on your journey to personal success? Here is what Mark Janssen said what happened:

This has resulted in focus, speedier development of my business ideas and a direction I’m happy with and probably would not have dared take without Peter’s work.

To learn more about how you can benefit from a focussed roadmap to success, contact me for your free coaching introduction session.

Here’s to your success!


Shanghai traffic crossingPS: In January I wrote about my goals for 2015. This trip to Asia fitted perfectly in my personal roadmap to accomplish at least two of my goals: a personal and a business one.

Remember my “why” as I wrote about in the same article? It is “to support and encourage people in their personal development so that they can achieve the success they aspire”. When we work together, my success is guiding you on your journey and your success will be my success!


Peter has coached me weekly in the development of a new direction for my business. He is an excellent coach. He asks incisive questions and sets me on to action, if only because of the mere fact that he is there every week and we have agreed that I will tell him what I have done in the week before. This has resulted in focus, speedier development of my business ideas and a direction I’m happy with and probably would not have dared take without Peter’s work.Mark Janssen - Founder at TravelUpp and Partner at Boldstroke

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