The daunting task of measuring alliance success

Measuring alliance success can be as difficult as it is important. On one side you would like to know how your alliances are performing, on the other hand what metrics would you use? Last week, on the 8th of May, ASAP Benelux organized a round table on the topic of measuring alliance success. Excellently hosted by Capgemini in their Utrecht office the round table gathered participants from major companies across the Benelux.

The attendees came from a divers background with several industries and several types of alliances being represented. Obviously the round table agreed that no single metric could be used to measure every alliance; it very much depended on the type of alliance and the type of organization. The attendees expressed their appreciation for the discussion and the learning points from other companies and industry that could be used in their own organization.

Read more about the roundtable and ASAP on the ASAP website.

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