The Alliance Conversation with Jan Twombly

I wrote already about it the past week a couple of times: I am really excited about this conversation with Jan Twombly because it reaffirms in fact the vision I building my business on: the bridge between alliances and (social) networks into collaborative networks.

We focussed this conversation more on collaborative networks rather than just alliances. The questions discussed with the previous guests in The Alliance Conversation were discussed with Jan with a focus on collaborative networks. You will hear why it is important to establish networks and will probably recognize how you are already establishing them without even realizing it. In the conversation Jan also highlights the management of networks and how a choreographer is important there more than a hierarchical management.

We mention a book in the conversation that is absolutely worth reading, it is written by Jan’s business partner Jeff Shuman and has the same great title as the name of Jan & Jeff’s company: The Rhythm of Business.

Find more about Jan and The Rhythm of Business on their website, they also have some great articles available.

Enjoy my conversation with Jan: you can download the file, subscribe in iTunes, or using the player below.

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