The other night I watched a movie, the kind of action movie where the hero at one point says to his teammate “hey, let’s stick together, we are stronger as a team”. So far for the movie story, but the hero does have a point. There is synergy in working together in a team rather than as individuals. To use the hero’s words: we will be stronger together. Or in business terms: the synergy of a team will allow us to reach better results.

We are stronger as a team, but how do we make the team stronger? Let’s turn back to the hero: these guys were ex-military, they trained and fought together and they learned to trust each other blindly. They knew each other’s capabilities and strong points and they knew where to step in when it might be someone else’s weaker point.

In business we generally haven’t learned to build upon each other that way. Still, we can have pretty decent teams. Decent, but not great.

So how do we make great teams out of decent teams?

With team coaching you can strengthen your team and increase team performance and results. Especially with the Marshall Goldsmith TEAM Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology, you will be building strong, great teams, that learn how to build upon each other, trust each other and collaborate effectively.

The TEAM Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology itself is such a powerful methodology, that it delivers guaranteed and measurable leadership growth, both for the team as for the individuals in the team.

This is where the comparison with our hero in the movie stops. TEAM coaching is a systematic and practical coaching approach that takes place on the job. It is directly tied to the business objectives and strategic challenges your team is facing. As such not only your team and its members will improve, also your results will improve.

TEAM coaching can be applied in several situations. Situations like the moment you are forming a new team, the moment you want to improve an existing team or in situations where two teams need collaborate better together.

What if your team could become measurably more effective?

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