One of the exercises in the Alliance Masterclass is for the participants to discuss an example of a 3-way value proposition in one of their alliances. This 3-way value proposition is also called the win-win-win value proposition. The value proposition of an alliance needs to deliver value to your customer, your partner, and your own organization. This way 3 parties will become better as a result of the alliance: 3 wins. This seems obvious, yet sometimes the exercise mentioned is difficult for the participants.

Value for the customer

When it is difficult they most often are focussing too much on revenue alone. However, revenue is an outcome, a result of the alliance. It should not be the driving factor in creating an alliance. The alliance value proposition should start with the value your alliance is delivering to the customer. The term customer should be seen in the light of the one who will be using your service or product. In many cases that is also the one who will be paying for it. However, in healthcare, we often see that the patient is the final beneficiary, while the payer is someone else. Start with defining the value for this customer. When there is no value for the customer then do consider why you are pursuing this alliance at all. Once you have clearly defined the customer value, it is time to define the value to your partner and your own organization.

Different view

The Alliance Masterclass is organized around a number of these practical exercises. In the class, we’ll blend in the theory by practicing it on your alliances and on some other actual alliance cases. The goal is to have you look at the cases with a different view than you are used to in your own work: to “think outside the box.” This broader thinking will help you the moment you are back in your daily work when you will be challenged to apply the tools and techniques to improve your own alliances. That is what distinguishes this Alliance Masterclass from other courses: it has its focus on enabling you with alliance skills, competencies, strategies, and tools, in a practical format so that you can immediately apply it in your business.