The Alliance Roundtable

The Alliance Roundtable is a network of executives who deal with alliances and come together 4 times per year to inspire and be inspired. The purpose of the Alliance Roundtable is to facilitate learning, sharing and networking among senior alliance leaders. 

During these meetings, alliance practices and challenges will be shared and discussed by the participants. In participating, you have the unique opportunity to informally and confidentially (‘Chatham house rule’) meet with your peers on a regular basis. Membership is exclusive and personal, thus ensuring we have the right peers at the Roundtable. 


  • The Alliance Roundtable is a responsible and impartial environment,
    • Will not judge input, every idea can open the road to a useful solution, 
    • Welcome and respect different opinions, 
    • Will provide constructive feedback, 
    • Agree that actions will be reported back in the next meeting. 
  • Meetings take place in an open, sharing and supporting atmosphere.
  • Trust and confidentiality are essential cornerstones: what has been discussed in the roundtable stays in the roundtable. Only outcomes and agreed actions will be used to move forward. (‘Chatham house rule’)
  • Relationship matters: members are focussed on adding value to each other.

Typical program outline

The program is designed to stimulate participants to discuss and share knowledge on the topic of the day, while employing different perspectives. Academic reflection, company presentation, expert experiences, and case study are building blocks of the program. A typical program outline is:

  • 16:30: Welcome, Introduction participants 
  • Introduction topic of Today from an academic perspective
  • Topic of the day – member or guest speaker(s) 
  • Group discussion
  • 18:00 – Closure

Practical information:

  • The Alliance Roundtable gathers in 4 facilitated meetings per year.
  • The meetings will for the time being take place online and in the future possibly in a hybrid format.
  • After each meeting the participants will receive the key-note presentations
  • The roundtable membership is an exclusive, personal, membership.  

For more information or questions about the Alliance Roundtable please contact Peter Simoons

Alliance Roundtable initiators:

  • Peter Simoons – Strategic Alliances & Leadership Coach at Simoons & Company
  • Brian Tjemkes – Professor of Strategic Management at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam