How do you stay productive in collaborating with your partners?

TeamworkEvery now and then people ask me what tools I use. Normally my newsletter is not about tools, but I felt that these three tools could be useful for you aswell. The tools are centered on sharing and enable collaboration and teamwork. So, this week a different, but very practical, newsletter with three tools to share:

Often I say that I live in Evernote. Ever since it was first released in 2008 and I discovered Evernote, I have been using it. It is my digital archive. I store all my documents and notes in Evernote notebooks and share them with family and co-workers on a notebook (database) and a need to know level. When a new team member comes on board I share the “how we work” notebook with them and they are quickly up to speed. Also on a project level it is easy to share and collaborate with your partners through an Evernote notebook. One of the features I use the most myself is the full text index. This allows you to search for every piece of text in notes and attached documents, it even searches for text contained in images that I have stored in Evernote. In the basic version Evernote is free! Check it out.

Dropbox is a filesharing system that I use on a project base where I need to work with a co-worker or partner in the same set of documents. In the corporate world Dropbox seems to have a bit of a controversial element to it. Some corporate IT systems block Dropbox access, so if you are in the corporate world it might not be the tool for you. Like with Evernote also Dropbox starts with a free version. Check it out.

Asana is for me a new kid on the block. Only recently I have started to use it.  The reason is that even though the other two tools mentioned are excellent file sharing and note taking tools, they do not excel at project management. That is exactly what Asana is developed for: a collaborative project management system. You can use it within your own organization or on projects with others. Asana creates a very clear overview of the status of tasks within a project and allows you to easily share updates without overloading email. After all email is an excellent tool, but not for project management or file sharing. And yes, like the others, Asana starts with a free version. Check it out.

So, what tools do you use for collaboration and teamwork?
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  1. Henry Butler

    Hey Peter, Nice list. I have just found this list “” and this list seems to be very useful to me. I’d suggest you to check out this list.

  2. George Cook

    Hi Peter, Great post! I would recommend other great tools for collaboration and teamwork such as basecamp, proofhub, trello, wrike etc. You can also give them a try and enlarge your list to make it more impressive.