Back to the future

“Ahum Peter, you just turned 50 and now your new logo says “Anno 1880”, that’s just over 133 years and something else than 50! Is everything alright with you?” I can almost hear you think it.

When I started Simoons & Company back in 2010, I chose the name for a couple of reasons. The first one is that I am practicing what I preach. My company is Alliance based, maybe even network based. It is a modern organization expanding by network and alliances rather than by employees. Hence it is me and the network, or in other words Simoons and his Company, in short Simoons & Company.

There is however, a second clarification behind the name. My grandfather Daniel Simoons Jr. was an entrepreneur running a company in Amsterdam by the name of Simoons & Co. Originally a company that was started by my great grandfather Daniel Simoons Sr. in 1880. At that time the “& Co.” was referring to the old “companion”, as in the meaning of a business partner that was a shareholder together with my great grandfather. History is a bit fuzzy about what happened in the company over time, but when my grandfather celebrated his 25 years in the business in 1932, he was already the sole shareholder.

Simoons & Co. ceased to exist shortly after the second world war when no successors to my grandfather were to be found among his children. I never had the pleasure of knowing my grandfather in this life as he passed away about six years before I was born. I was raised however with the stories of what a remarkable person and businessman he was. Hence the second meaning behind Simoons & Company is a little tribute to my grandfather who I never knew.

simoons calendar 1929While redoing my website into a new layout with new colors, I felt it was time to redo the logo too. At first, I used the red colors my grandfather used in his logo on the old calendar of April 1929 that is hanging in our living room. But on second thought I felt it would be great to reinstate the old logo of Simoons & Co, conform today’s meaning the “& Co.” is the abbreviation referring to the official “& Company”. The logo is a simple one but has a style that represents the trustworthy values a Simoons & Company logo should have.

Somehow it seemed impossible to find the same letter font as used in the 1929 logo. After an extensive search, I decided to go back to the future by creating the new logo based on a scanned version of the 1929 calendar logo.

Back to the future: “anno 1880, reinstated in 2010”; What do you think?

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    • Thanks Rebecca! In the mean time I have updated the logo to represent more personal brand, but the official company name remains Simoons & Company and hence the official logo comes back in many occasions.