Which hat to communicateSometimes people ask me for the single most reason that alliances fail. It is as if they are looking for the magical ingredient: if they have that element right then their alliances will succeed.

I don’t believe that there is such a single ingredient. There are more things to do and to maintain, to make and keep alliances successful. However, more and more I tend to come to the point that most alliances fail due to some form of communication, or better said, lack thereof.

Communication is often taken for granted and that is a huge mistake! In general, we are not that good in communication. So here are 3 areas where we can easily improve our communication:

No show
When we agree on a time for a meeting or call, make sure that you are there. Such a meeting involves a two-way commitment in time and energy, and possible also money. Not showing up is showing a lack of respect to your partner and is killing the trust level in your partnership. Unless you are caught in an emergency, do notify your partner on time and reschedule!

No response
It is good to respond when you receive an email or other kind of message from your partner. Not responding can actually be quite rude. Imagine that you would do the same in a face to face communication! Your partner is giving you his full attention so don’t ignore him. “No thank you” is a valid answer as well!

No assumptions
Steer clear from making assumptions. It is an easy trap that we all fall into every now and then, but most mistakes in communication are made due to the assumptions we make. Ask clarifying questions to be sure and your partnership will benefit!

These are 3 easy tips to easily improve your communication. Taking communication for granted can be a trust-buster, while applying some simple techniques to improve your communication can be a trust-builder for your partnership.