Would you like to learn how other organizations built their partnerships & alliances? Three years ago I conducted a series of 10 audio interviews in The Alliance Conversation. Now it is time for The Alliance Conversation 2.0: a podcast series about partnerships and alliances. The podcast will launch in September and will provide the listener with hints and tips for partnerships and alliances, based on the experiences, insights and lessons learned from business people and alliance professionals. As the 80% rule for alliance success indicates, it is important to follow a structured approach: so how did the guest fare in that approach and what are the lessons they have learned?  What success stories can they share? Can they share the lessons learned from those partnerships that did not go as desired?

The alliance spectrum is quite broad and diverse. The aim is to conduct conversations with guests from every corner of the spectrum. The guests will as such be people from a different background: in experience and in size of the organization.

With this diverse background, my guests may recognize different trends in their specific alliances:

  • Are environmental alliances shifting from one-to-one to multi-partner alliances?
  • Do regulations have any impact on the way airlines create and maintain their alliances?
  • Are alliances migrating from a business for few very large companies, to a business for many more small and medium companies?

These questions might all be among the questions addressed in the conversations. Now over to you: what questions would you like my guests to answer during the conversation? And who would you like to hear as a guest in the conversations?