The Alliance Conversation

The Alliance Conversation is a podcast series with experienced alliance professionals about strategic alliances and business partnerships as a way to grow your organization.

In the original first series we talked about what strategic alliances are and what they can be for small and mid sized companies. While listening you will hear the experts talk about how you can apply strategic alliances to help you to grow your organization. They share many of their hints and tips gained over a long period they already have experiences in dealing with strategic alliances. You will find the original series on this page, each episode is around 25 minutes and can be freely downloaded from the conversation pages.

Previous episodes in The Alliance Conversation:

  • The Alliance Conversation with Tamer Osman
    The Alliance Conversation takes a spin towards social media this week. In my conversation with Tamer Osman we discuss how social media can help alliance professionals excel in their job.
  • The Alliance Conversation with Mark Hunter
    This weeks Alliance Conversation with Mark Hunter dives into the element of researching your partner, both before as during the alliance.
  • The Alliance Conversation with Jan Twombly
    In this Alliance Conversation with Jan Twombly we focus more on collaborative networks rather than just alliances. You will hear why it is important to establish networks and will probably recognize how you are already establishing them without even realizing it.
  • The Alliance Conversation with Donna Peek
    Donna Peek shares in The Alliance Conversation how vision, impact and intimacy are important elements for strategic alliance formation and how essential preparation is for successful alliances.
  • The Alliance Conversation with Bruce Acheson
    Bruce Acheson is our guest in this episode of The Alliance Conversation, putting alliances in the perspective of the corporate world and sharing insights on what to do and what to expect.
  • The Alliance Conversation with Gianluca Marcellino
    Gianluca Marcellino brings an international flavor to this episode of the conversation. As a Senior Manager in Accenture working as Alliance Relationship Director in predominantly Italy and some Eastern European countries this conversation highlights a number of different elements than we have seen in the previous episodes.
  • The Alliance Conversation with Anoop Nathwani
    That collaborative thinking and working from an alliance perception can be applicable to many relations shows this week’s Alliance Conversation with Anoop Nathwani. After being involved with a number of successful alliances over the past 13 years Anoop was recently asked to switch over to the department in Nokia that handles supplier relationships and focus ...
  • The Alliance Conversation with Mike Nevin
    Mike Nevin founded Alliance Best Practice with the sole focus to help clients generate more value from their strategic alliance relationships through the discovery, dissemination and delivery of best practice. In this episode of The Alliance Conversation Mike is my guest and sharing his view on alliances and why organizations should use them as a ...
  • The Alliance Conversation with Paul Terlemezian
    Paul Terlemezian is President and Founder of iFive Alliances and my guest in today’s episode of The Alliance Conversation. Paul will talk about his three buckets of companies, the 16 types diagram and why trust is essential for an alliance.
  • The Alliance Conversation with Tom Halle
    In this first episode of The Alliance Conversation my guest is Tom Halle. Tom is an experienced strategic alliance professional based in San Diego, CA. With the experience of all kind of organizations bringing together in partnerships Tom has specialized in helping David’s partner with Goliath’s.