Partnership Optimization Workshop“It feels like I have taken a vitamin pill today”
That was the response of one of the participants of the previous Partnership Optimization Workshop.

The participants in the workshop were representatives from two companies who have already been in a strategic alliance together for multiple years. Both parties were looking to create new partnerships in areas beyond their current partnership.

During the workshop we worked the theory of creating and managing partnerships and alliances. We applied it to their actual partnership, thus identifying areas for immediate improvement in that partnership. At the same time we addressed the areas of importance – and the opportunities – for setting up new partnerships.

The Partnership Optimization Workshop is truly a hands-on workshop: we discuss the theory and we apply it to your situation. It is a sanity check for existing partnerships and at the same time it is a foundation builder for new partnerships.

The next open registration Partnership Optimization Workshop will be held on 7 october in Amsterdam. In this focused workshop you will be joined by participants from other companies. You will be working with your own situation and you will be sharing experiences with the other participants.

The Partnership Optimization Workshop is also available for in-house workshops. These workshops will be held at your location and are completely tailored to your partnership situation. We will work the theory, apply a sanity check, and boost your partnerships with the “vitamin pill” for immediate improvements.

Read more and register for the 7 october workshop here! Use the contact page and send me a message to discuss the possibilities of in-house workshops for your company.

Would you like the best results from these workshops? Work them together with your partner!

Have a great week!