Last week I had a conversation with my friend Mark about both our businesses. We particularly spoke about marketing and how to get the seats filled. For Mark on his 4×4 Discovery travels, for me in the open Alliance Masterclasses

We noticed that sometimes marketing expressions are a matter of taste. Some people will like a message or a page, however, this might not resonate with others. Besides taste, marketing is also very much about knowing your audience and being recognizable. You also need to be crystal clear in your message. 

It made me realize once again that marketing also starts with focus. The clearer you are in your focus, the easier it will be to be recognized by the right audience. Setting a clear focus and communicating that in a crystal clear message are two different things. My focus is around collaboration in alliances and partnerships. That will not come as a surprise. The message on the other hand can contain many elements, ranging from collaborative leadership and stellar alliance results to trustworthy relationships. Yet, depending on who you are, one message might resonate with you more than the other. 

Even though setting the focus and combining it with a crystal clear message is not easy, it is definitely worth it to apply to your work as well. Regardless of whether it is for you personally, your team, your business or your alliance, setting your focus will help you to set direction. Focus will be your guiding star and, like with a journey, the closer you get to your destination, the clearer it will become!