The world is changing and collaboration is the new competition. Organizations could always do almost everything by themselves, but nowadays collaboration is the most effective and efficient way to create, grow and innovate. Collaboration between organizations, whether it be in alliances or partnerships, brings new dynamics and hence requires different methodologies to be effective and successful.

You know that alliances and partnerships bring new dynamics and challenges, otherwise you would not be reading this. But how to master these skills and methodologies?

Alliance Mastery AcademyThe Alliance Mastery Academy will help you master your alliance skills through three modules: Education, Resources & Tools and Community.

  • In the Education module you will learn how to best create and manage alliances
  • The Resources & Tools module will contain links to valuable alliance and partnership resources and tools
  • The Community module will be the basis for connection with your peers, for regular Q&A calls and it will bring interviews about actual cases and their learnings.

You can read all about these three modules on the special Alliance Mastery page.

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