In previous articles we’ve seen how communication and collaboration are among the 15 leadership competencies as defined in the global study by Marshall Goldsmith. The third group of leadership competencies is all about boundaryless inclusion.

When you look at these competencies from a single company perspective, boundaryless can go wide and far. You can look at it from different angles. In all situations it is about empowering, motivating and including people. Trust and the ability to let go of control play essential roles in these set of leadership competencies.

Alliance management and leadership are very closely aligned. I believe that alliance management is one of the best leadership roles to be in. You might not be a chef in the kitchen, but you do have a first hand look into many kitchens. As an alliance manager, you see many aspects of both your organization and your partner organizations. As every alliance is different, alliance management is a profession that enables a continuous learning journey for you.

From an alliance perspective, the boundaryless inclusion competencies are the competencies where alliance people should excel. These are the competencies which enable you to include your organization and your partner’s organization in your alliances. Competencies that enable you to conduct the orchestra of your organization and involve all stakeholders.

How about you, are the boundaryless inclusion competencies indeed one of your sets of competencies where you excel? Think about it this week, are you including people boundaryless? Are you empowering, trusting and letting go in delegation?