IMG_1358Did you notice that last Tuesday lasted longer than any other day? Probably you didn’t, as it was only one second that made June 30 last longer. This ‘leap second’ was introduced because the earth’s rotation is slowing down and our time needed to get back in sync with astronomical time.

If even mother earth is slowing down and needs time to get back in sync, it might be good for you as well to slow down, reflect and get back in sync. Last week we also reached our mid-year point. In other words half of 2015 is already over!

In many organizations it’s time for your mid-year performance review; to look back, to reflect and to adjust while going forward. A good practice, that helps organizations perform better and helps people have more pleasure in the work they do. That is as long as the mid-year performance review is held with the intention to learn and to look for areas of improvement.

For your alliances it is also important to have regular evaluations. Companies have their own rhythm, cultures and ways of working and when two companies (or more) are working together, another dimension of complexity is added. We can not expect that the companies in an alliance will always stay in tune. So we need to evaluate, look back and analyze what went well and identify the elements for improvement.

Whether the evaluation is about your own performance or your alliance’s performance, evaluating without deciding on action is useless. You need to connect a clear action plan to the outcome of the evaluation.

Having evaluated my own progress so far this year I am pretty much on schedule compared to my 2015 goals. With 94 people attending workshops so far I am on track to reach my goal of 160 by the end of the year. However, when I look to my one-on-one coaching and mentoring goal I am only at 25% instead of reaching the halfway point of 50%.

That goal might have been a bit ambitious and this is the first year I’ve set this goal. But then evaluation without action is useless, so time to refocus my marketing efforts, especially as the mentoring program is received with high appreciation by the participants.

Remember the characteristics of the mentoring program? When you sign up for mentoring with me, you and I will work closely together one-on-one for a 12 month period. I will be your sparring partner, your sounding board and your accountability partner to keep you laser focussed. We will agree on a regular call or meeting schedule and in between I will be available when you need me: you will have unlimited email and phone support!

Do you want to learn more? Contact me for your free introduction call to explore how, as your mentor, I can help you reach your goals for 2015 and beyond!

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