Jeff made it quite difficult for me in our coaching conversation. He was a difficult leader to coach, who wanted to bail out of his leadership development process. After all, he had seen it all, he knew it all and he had no time for this process. However, that was not why we started this engagement and why his boss sponsored it. I had to work hard to bring him back on track.

Jeff and I were together in a certification class with coaches from all around the world. This certification class was part of Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching approach.

We learned about the approach, about coaching, about leadership development and about involving stakeholders. We practiced; in turns we took roles as coaches, as observers and as the leader being coached. Jeff played my difficult leader to coach, and he was good at it!

We applied the theory to ourselves and defined our own areas for further development. We created our own authentic leadership model and coached each other in role plays and for real.

Then we closed the week off as a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching certified coach.

Wow! What an intense, inspiring and rewarding week!

Marshall Goldsmith is an inspiring business thinker, world’s #1 leadership thinker and #1 executive coach. There are a few elements in his Stakeholder Centered Coaching approach that appeal to me in particular:

  • It has a practical applicability that is based on a simple, yet highly effective and time efficient process,
  • It is a collaborative approach, that goes beyond only the leader being coached and involves multiple levels of the organization around the leader,
  • It is a proven approach that guarantees results: research shows that 95% of the leaders who consistently involved their stakeholders in the process measurably improved their leadership effectiveness.

The Stakeholder Centered Coaching approach is a unique methodology for leadership development. Marshall distinguishes the approach by the simple yet powerful value proposition: “Guaranteed & Measurable Leadership Growth”.

Just imagine: “If you measurably improve in 1-2 leadership growth areas, how much value would that create for you and your organization?

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The major challenge faced by executives today is NOT understanding the practice of leadership, BUT practicing their understanding of leadershipMarshall Goldsmith