When was the last time you were coached in your work?

It is interesting to see an experienced executive as former Google CEO Eric Schmidt in a short video explain the benefits of a coach. Early in his years as Google CEO, a board member said to Eric that he needed a coach, which Eric doubted as he felt that nothing was wrong. But the board member insisted and Eric started to work with a coach, who delivered a lot of value to Google. As Eric states in the video, a coach will help give perspective, because if there is one thing people are never good at, it is seeing themselves how others see them.

A coach can help you see new elements and bring improvements to your work. It doesn’t have to be rocket science he helps you discover; but if somehow your mirror is blurred, preventing you from seeing the opportunities ahead, a coach can provide the perspective you might need.

The same is applicable to business leaders. Busy in our daily work we risk loosing perspective, as we stay in our trusted environment, with our partners and our way of working. A coach will enable us to look in the mirror of our own performance, by asking questions that will help clarify why we do the things we do the way we do. A coach will bring an outside-in view to our work. If desired, coaching can seamlessly move over into a sparring session, especially when the coach understands your line of alliance work and has extensive experience in it.

Coaching is not without obligation, it is a focussed ongoing-dialogue, helping you to reach your goals more effectively and develop your skill areas where improvement is desired.

When is the last time you were coached in your work?