Last week I wrote about success. I hope it inspired you to rethink about what success means to you!

Recently in a conversation, I was asked what daily success habits I maintain to keep sane. The question was a follow on to the conversation we had about Marshall Goldsmith’s daily habits and the triggers you can set for yourself as Marshall describes them in his recent book Triggers*.

I maintain three daily habits that help me to stay on track.


Daily walk to reflect

Since my Camino in 2013, I start almost every day at 6am with a daily walk over the moorland. That daily walk gives me room to reflect on everything that is going on in my life and my business. After this daily walk, I read the newspaper (yes, still in an old-fashioned way: on paper) while having breakfast.

This is a perfect beginning of the day for me. The walk refreshes me and allows me to reflect on what’s going on. The paper brings me up to speed on what is happening in the business world and more often than not I send some of the clippings to people in my network. This offers me some additional touch points to maintain relationships.


Podcast to learn

Whenever I need to drive to meetings during the day, I tend to listen to podcasts. These podcasts often consist of interviews with subject matter experts. They inspire me with new ideas or they bring back older ideas that I can apply in my work. Some of my favorite podcasts are:



Every night I write in my journal. I write a short evaluation of the day; what went well and what can I improve. It is a conscious exercise to make sure that the past day is not just a given, but a conscious step forward. It also helps to close off the day and leave behind the things that possibly did not go as desired.
These three daily habits help me to stay on track and focussed on the things that are important in my work and in my life. How about you, what daily success habits do you follow to stay on track?