Since our move to a more rural area of the Netherlands, I have experienced a different pace of life, a more relaxed pace. It took me some time to adjust, but I found out that people here take more time and things get done at the right moment.

We are still in the middle of the home improvement project of our farmhouse. There are many projects in the house that I am performing myself. It appears that I have more skills than just the ones related to coaching and alliances 😉 That leads to me being less entrenched in the business. It might sound contradictory, but that is good, as I get more done!

Yes, I get more done in the business, because the time out of the business working in the house allows me to think. Time to think about business, about new ideas (more about that to come), about what to do and what not to do and about many unrelated elements that in the end appear to be related after all. All together this makes me more effective and thus slowing down allows me to go faster.

Clearly the people in the area where I am living now already knew that with their more relaxed lifestyle.

Watch this video and see Warren Buffett and Bill Gates talking about their use of time and the need to allocate time to think. Then think about your use of time, can you slow down, think more and get more done as well?

PS: Thanks to a tip I am reading Synchronicity, the Inner path of leadership* by Joseph Jaworski – highly recommendable!