What comes to your mind when you think about the summer?

I know, it is still May, but sometimes it is good to think ahead. When I think about the summer I imagine long evenings, nice weather, vacation and quality time; a time to enjoy! Summer also means that in some parts of Europe business slows down in July and August. When you are in Europe you might enjoy it, when you are outside of Europe you might despite it.

Either way, a business slowdown presents plenty of opportunities in itself. For instance, you might now have some time for self-development. Summer can also be the moment to finally follow that long overdue online course! When the weather permits, you might even follow that course outside on the terras, with just enough shadow to see your laptop screen and still enough sun to soak in its warmth. Can you imagine this quality time?

Summer also marks a halfway point in the year. As such, a business slowdown in the summer presents a great opportunity to assess how you are doing. Time to update your action plans in order for 2016 to turn into a great year instead of just a good one! Think about it and plan for it now. Set some time apart in your summer schedule to review your progress and refine your action plans.

How about a brainstorming day in July or August to refocus your leadership, your team, or your alliances? We can even combine it with a great walk or other outside activities, weather permitting. Think about it. In June, I will come back to you with more information about these “summer quality time brainstorming days“.

Just after the summer, on the 1st of September, the next Alliance Workshop will be held in Amsterdam. Another quality time opportunity to invest in yourself! Like the previous one, it will be a non-competitive workshop with a limited attendance and registration on a first come first serve basis. Find more details about the workshop and registration here.

For the rest of this week, I am taking an advancement on summer. My son Laurens is walking the Camino to Santiago the Compostela, just like I did in 2013. I’m returning to the Camino this week to join him, actually, the moment you read this I will already be somewhere in Northern Spain. Laurens and I will walk together and enjoy some advanced quality time together. I’ll be back next week! Meanwhile, you can follow us here.