When I discuss the importance of a health check with people I almost always meet nodding heads. Everybody agrees that it is important and recognizes the value a health check can bring. It helps to identify possible elements of misalignment and it allows for timely adjustment of the course of the alliance if needed. We all understand that.

So, does everyone perform their alliance health checks regularly?!

No, unfortunately, that is not the case. Health checks are important, but not urgent. Even though performing a health check is on the todo list of every alliance manager, it gets overruled by other high priority urgent tasks. Time after time, the health check is being postponed.

The irony of this is that the longer you wait with investing in your health, the more expensive it gets.

That applies to your personal health, as well as to the health of an alliance. One of the biggest benefits of an alliance health check is that it allows you to identify issues in their early stages and take actions to correct them early on. If not, these small issues in the alliance relationship will grow into larger issues and they might manifest themselves in an unpleasant way. Correcting them at that point might ask for large and costly interventions, with the risk of the alliances even failing.

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could have all the benefits of a health check for your alliances, without having the burden of timely organizing it? A health check as a service: a service to which you subscribe, that runs a health check on your alliance regularly and reports back on the alliance health to you… A service that guides you in identifying the issues that need attention and drafting an action plan for it?

It is possible!

Together with my colleague Anoop Nathwani, we have created a health check service that will do exactly that for you. We will take the burden of performing health checks out of your hands and give you the benefits of the health check in return. During an initial period of two years, we will perform a health check on your alliance, report the outcome and guide you in creating an action plan for improvement. And there is more to it … when interested 
send me a message and I will get back to you with more information.