Have you ever read a description of a type of person where you felt the author accurately described you? That happened to me a few times when reading Sally Hogshead’s “How the world sees YOU”.

This book is all about the science of fascination and how the world sees you. As Sally puts it:

“The greatest value you can add is to become more of yourself”. 

To do so, Sally describes 49 personality profiles, so called archetypes, that are based on 7 advantages (Innovation, Power, Passion, Mystique, Prestige, Trust, and Alert). With the book comes a code to take the online personality assessment.

youThe big difference with other assessments already available, is the fact that this is all about how the world sees you, while other assessments are to find out how you see the world.

Based on 28 questions this assessment tells you what your primary and secondary advantages are and to what archetype you belong.

The 49 archetypes are described to a great detail, including the highest and best values of an archetype and when an archetype is not at its best. As your archetype is made of your primary and secondary advantage, there is also a Twin archetype. This is the archetype where your secondary advantage has the predominance.

We have our moments of being out of balance and where one of our advantages will become more in control and dominate our behavior. From that perspective it is good to work the full book and not just the advantages and archetypes that are applicable to you.

All archetypes and advantages are described in a positive way without judgement. Many elements of coaching are included, they will provide direction on how to respond and behave in certain situations based upon your archetype.

It is an interesting read and from a personal perspective it will help you to become more of you. Within the light of collaboration the book has very useful elements included by describing what archetypes best to combine you with in order to create a high performing and balanced team.

With longer evenings ahead of us and while planning for the next year, this is a great one to read. Do the assessment and define how your team can become more of themselves and thus create synergy in their collaboration.

Have a great week!

PS: Interested to learn what your archetype is? Read this page and listen to the interview Chris Taylor did with Sally Hogshead. On the same page you will also find a link and a code to take the assessment and find out how the world sees YOU.