When we talk about personal development, we often focus on the new things. The skills we need to learn, the behaviors we need to improve. However, many people don’t need to learn new things to get better, they need to unlearn limiting behaviors. These are the behaviors that are slowing us down, most often without us realizing it. And we all have our own set of limiting behaviors.

In his book “What got you here won’t get you there”* Marshall Goldsmith describes 20 “bad habits” of successful leaders. According to Marshall, every person exhibits one or more of these bad habits. Have a look at Marshall’s list, do you recognize some of your own bad habits?

When you have identified some of the habits that are not helping your improvement, it is time to actively work on stopping them. However, stopping bad habits is similar to working New Year’s resolutions. If you don’t bring a system and an accountability partner into the process, the chances that you will succeed are small.

Stopping limiting behaviors is one element where working with a coach can help you on your path of becoming a better version of you. Combining that with the proper involvement of your stakeholders, will allow you to grow and reach your results even faster!

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