Greetings from the Camino de Santiago!

Just last week on Tuesday it was the middle of the year. We had an equal amount of days behind us in 2019 as we still have ahead of us. For many of us this means that the summer break is just around the corner, or might have already started. A great moment to relax, sit back and reflect. 

As my opening quote suggests, I am walking yet another part on the Camino de Santiago. I wrote this column in advance of my Camino, and by now I should be somewhere halfway between Oviedo and Santiago de Compostela on the Camino del Norte. All being well you can follow my progress on my Instagram account.  

Ever since my first Camino in 2013 and experiencing the benefits from it, walking the Camino has become a yearly habit for me. I find that it is an excellent way to take a step back and reflect on business and life. On this Camino I will cover a distance of roughly 300 walking kilometers in just two weeks. Enough time for a midterm review with myself. 

There is a good chance that in your work, you will have a midyear review as well. You will probably have a conversation about your performance so far, the commitments you made at the beginning of the year and about what you will do to make 2019 an excellent year once again. 

Here is a question for you to consider in the light of the midyear review: 

What are you going to do (differently) to deliver on your reconfirmed commitments for 2019? 

PS: Consider working with a coach or mentor to accelerate your 2nd half year performance!