Upon turning a light switch, the light bulb enlightens our spaces. For over a hundred years, this technology of light did not really change. However, in the last decade, a lot has changed in lighting. Light has changed from a simple switch on, switch off driven appliance to a technology-driven network. Nowadays with this connected light, you can change lights and their color easily from your phone.

How many years does it take to change a light bulb?

Recently, in a webinar, I was in conversation with Ivo Rutten, head of Alliances at Philips Lighting. The theme of our conversation was how alliances and ecosystems can facilitate a business transformation: in the case of Philips Lighting the transformation from a traditional light bulb based organization into a LED powerhouse. 

What you will learn

In this webinar you will hear us talk about:

    • The history of light
    • The role of a non-copyable differentiator
    • Why partnerships are needed to facilitate a transformation
    • How a system of ecosystems extends the functionality for HUE
    • Why both trust and contracts are important in creating strategic alliances
    • Examples of other strategic alliances that fuel the growth of Philips Lighting

Watch the full webinar and learn what carefully crafted strategic alliances can do for a company.