Can Alliances facilitate a business transformation? Upon turning a light switch, the light bulb enlightens our spaces. For over a hundred years, this technology of light did not really change. However, in the last decade, a lot has changed in lighting. Light has changed from a simple switch on, switch off driven appliance to a technology-bdriven network. Nowadays with this connected light, you can change lights and their color easily from your phone.

In this webinar, I was in conversation with Ivo Rutten, who at time of the webinar used to be head of Alliances at Philips Lighting (now Signify). The theme of our conversation was how alliances and ecosystems can facilitate a business transformation: in the case of Philips Lighting the transformation from a traditional light bulb based organisation into a LED powerhouse. 

What you will learn

In this webinar you will hear us talk about:

  • The history of light
  • The role of a non-copyable differentiator
  • Why partnerships are needed to facilitate a transformation
  • How a system of ecosystems extends the functionality for HUE
  • Why both trust and contracts are important in creating strategic alliances
  • Examples of other strategic alliances that fuel the growth of Philips Lighting

Watch the full webinar and learn what carefully crafted strategic alliances can do for a company.

In the comprehensive online course “Creating Successful Partnerships” you will learn about creating and managing successful Alliances & Partnerships using similar tools and best practices as Signify used.