Alliance Mentoring

As your alliance mentor, I will guide you in your personal and organizational alliance developments.

Working with a mentor will help you to find fresh perspectives on your challenges, to improve your skills and to create improvements in your productivity as well.

An alliance mentoring engagement is a 3, 6, or 12-month commitment during which we will work one-on-one together.

  • I will be your sparring partner, your sounding board, and accountability partner.
  • You can bounce off your ideas and your challenges to me.
  • We will work closely together, and I will provide input and ask questions.

As your alliance coach, I will provide you with practical guidance for your challenges in your work. I will bring in my knowledge and experience as a Certified Strategic Alliance Professional (CSAP) and as a Certified Coach in Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology.

We will agree on a regular call schedule and in between our calls, I will be available on demand: you will have my unlimited support!


Peter helped us to re-focus on the most important drivers for success in our alliances. With his structured approach and year-long experience, he was able to instill passion and clear direction. We had a fruitful discussion with Peter and believe his support will help us to become even more successful.Tobias Nittel - Director Alliances SAS Institute


How it works

We will set up a regularly monthly Zoom call in which we will discuss your plans, challenges, and progress. In between our regular calls, you will have my unlimited email and phone support. Also, we can decide to schedule additional calls or to meet in person.

In the beginning of the engagement, we will spend time on exploring your plans and identify the areas that need attention.

Depending on the specific areas where you need my support, we can decide to involve your stakeholders in the process. When we do, we will identify the stakeholders that need to be involved and I will interview them to solicit a 3600 view on the state of Alliance in your company. Throughout the mentoring program, these stakeholders will be involved by you on a regular basis. This will provide regular feedback on the alliance development in the organization and creates involvement and accountability for the stakeholders to support and to take part in the process, which impacts the organization as a whole.

As part of involving and educating your stakeholders, a separate executive briefing can be held later during the engagement when progress is already recognized by your stakeholders, and they start to express a natural desire to be involved and better understand their role and involvement in the alliance management process.

Alliance Mentoring can cover a broad set of topics within the collaborative business realm. My mentoring is focused on helping you make your business collaborations work and achieve the success that you aspire. This page provides an overview of previous engagements and might give you a sense of what Alliance Mentoring can do for you.  Feel free to schedule a complimentary exploration call to find out if Alliance Mentoring with me is right for you.


  • We will always start with a complimentary introduction session where we will explore if we are a fit.
  • We will identify where you need to focus your development and where you need support.
  • We will in general work through 1 or 2 video calls or meetings per month.
  • In between our regular calls, you will have my unlimited support via email and phone!
  • In case you want me to support you in meetings that require me to travel, we will agree on a separate reimbursement.
  • Each call can be recorded if you like


Peter really wants to understand your needs, so he can add value where you need it. He asks the right questions that also brought me forward in defining of what I really need.Manuel Oomen - Director Alliances Philips Lighting

Interested in exploring if alliance mentoring with me is for you? It all starts with an introduction call!

Get in touch with me directly so we can discuss the possibilities: click the button below to schedule your introduction call.