Will 2010 be the year of trust?

It is amazing how often I run into the subject of trust lately. I already mentioned before the great work by Robert Porter Lynch. In a comment to that article Alex Todd responded with a link to another article on alliances and trust. And in the video I posted on the 16th of February Penny Power talks about trust in social networking. Also in almost every Alliance Conversation I do trust comes up as an essential element to make alliances successful. And today I noticed that one of my favorite bloggers, Silvana Roiter, wrote a post about self-trust.

So, will 2010 be the year of trust? Or is it simply because I am interested in the topic that I do recognize the many occurrences that are already out there in the universe?

Trust is essential though for many kinds of success, be it in alliances, networking, or any other kind of relationships. I would argue that it is impossible to create a lasting success without trust. What do you think, can anything at all be a lasting success without trust?

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