Who is & Company?

“Who is your Company?” is the question often asked when people ask me about the name of my company. The “& Company” part in the name of my company refers to the fact that Simoons & Company is a network organization. I work in collaboration with other organizations to provide our customers the full breath of solutions they require. In a traditional organization one would hire people to extend the company and build the skills. In a networked organization one will build and maintain the network of trusted partners in order to always be able to provide the best solution and service for the specific task required.

The future of work will be more and more in these collaborative networks, that have the agility to shape and respond in the most optimal way to the challenges that appear. The business model of a networked organization is also a model that allows for a lower fixed cost with faster growth and often a higher innovation capability. Right now we see this model mostly being adopted by smaller companies who, by active networking, have developed a base of partners they can lean on when a specific project or task requires additional skills or resources. The larger organizations who get this model may go for the more robust way and partner up in (strategic) alliances. In the future of collaborative networks these models will converge more towards each other, smaller organizations may establish selective longer lasting strategic alliances and larger organizations will tap into collaborative networks for specific tasks or projects.

So think about it when you are looking to grow your organization: would you rather go for the traditional way and increase your fixed cost by hiring people or acquiring a company, or would you grow the collaborative way and team up with others to achieve the results faster against lower cost?