When is the best time to schedule education?

Alliances are increasing in importance as a strategic tool to help organizations grow. In 1998 Yves Doz and Gary Hamel already wrote “No Company can go it alone” as the opening statement of their book “Alliance Advantage”. Today this is more applicable than ever; companies are careful with investments and reluctant with acquisitions. When asking the question “make, buy, or ally?” regarding a growth strategy, the ally option is often the most viable one.

With this rise in importance of alliances it is essential to know how to do alliances right. A collaborative approach requires a different mindset and behavior than a transactional approach. The differences between success and failure in establishing alliances can be huge. Hence education becomes pivotal and an investment in the improvement of your alliance management skills can result in as much as a 60% higher success rate.

Simoons & Company is driven by the desire to provide content that is relevant and useful in today’s business atmosphere and to guide you to excellence in strategic alliances. The Alliance Mastery programs speak directly to that goal.

Our alliance management and collaboration education and coaching is based on the skills and competencies determined by the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) as critical to the success of collaborative business relationships. Simoons & Company is an ASAP Education Provider Charter Partner and our Alliance Mastery workshops were the first to be approved in the ASAP’s Education Partner Provider Program.

So, when is the best time to schedule your education?
It is right now! Read about education and coaching in the Simoons & Company portfolio, including in-house and open registration workshops.

And remember, education is not a cost; it is an investment in the future of your company, your team and yourself!