Peter9When I was 9, my brother, my parents and I moved to a different part of the Netherlands. This was quite a happening for a 9 year old! We moved into a new house that my parents had built. The workmen at the new house spoke a different dialect, which in my short life I had never heard before and understanding them was quite a challenge for me. The workmen stuck around for a while, as even though we already moved in, the work on the house was not completely done yet.

My parents had bought a piece of land in a forest and they had the intention to leave as many trees in tact as reasonable possible. This offered a great opportunity for my brother and I to build our own hut hidden under the trees. It was not really a tree house, the trees were too thin for that, but still; we had fabulous adventures in our hut.

One particular moment I remember well; the first time I ran into lead. I found a piece of this material around our new house, as it was a leftover of material used somewhere in our house. I was fascinated by the lead, it was heavy and still very flexible. I kept that piece for a long time as part of my own treasures in the hut.

Over the past few weeks my team and I have been working very hard to move the Alliance Mastery website into a new home. The excitement with building this new version feels a bit like the adventure of building my own hut back in my childhood!

Even though the builders are still around making the final adjustments, I’ve decided to open up the Alliance Mastery for registration. Therefore the opening is a little bit in stealth mode for as long as we dust off our appearance from the renovation.

The new Alliance Mastery is the #1 resource to help you boost your success in alliances & partnerships. The Alliance Mastery brings you the combined knowledge of many alliance experts, consultants and academia in an easy accessible format and accessible anywhere in the world. Tailored for you, adjusted to your questions in the monthly Q&A, providing cases, tools and templates as well as new insights in the monthly webinar. It’s also the place where you can get coached by me via email coaching.

The structure of the site has been designed to be like the lead I found as a 9 year old: flexible yet durable. While we aim to communicate as clearly as possible on the site, some dialects might differ, therefore feedback from the members is essential for improvement!

The Alliance Mastery comes in three affordable versions, Free, Member and Academy, with each of them offering their own benefits. Full details are here: